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If you want to try the Food Lovers Fat Loss System, you've come to the right place.  This page reveals everything you'll get when you try the Food Lovers program.  You'll also learn about the trial guarantee and learn some important information you need to keep in mind.
You probably know all the promises of this revolutionary way to lose fat and still enjoy the foods you love:
  • Eat your favorite foods in moderation.
  • Learn to easily prepare well-balanced meals that don't cost a fortune.  In fact, right now, you probably have everything in your kitchen.  Now, you just have to let this system show you how to balance your fast- and slow-burning carbs so that your body will burn the fat for you.
  • This system is not a "diet," or a fad, but rather, something you can live with for life.
  • There's no need to count calories or mess with silly scales or do anything extensive like that.
  • No yucky pre-packaged meals.
It's really just enjoying real food and losing weight.  That's all.  Simple.

Pssst! Here's Something Most People Don't Know:

It's Not What You Eat...
It's How Fast It Gets Metabolized

Read that again, because if there's a secret to the Food Lovers Fat Loss program, that's it.

You may have heard the misnomer that people with "faster metabolisms" don't gain fat, and conversely, that people with slow metabolisms get fat more easily.

...But that's only partially true.

The thing is, it's not how slow (or fast) your metabolism is, it's the rate/speed at which the food is. In other words, it's how slow the food gets metabolized in your system.

If your food gets metabolized too fast, then the body looks for a way to store that extra energy, and that leads to fat storage.

If, however, your food gets metabolized slower, then naturally, that food gets burned off as you go through your daily activities.

That's what's known as a fat-burning rate. It has nothing to do with your body's innate metabolism. do you make your food metabolize at a fat-burning pace, even if you have a "slow metabolism"?

Well, different foods have different rates of metabolizing into the body. Some foods metabolize faster, while others metabolize slower.

Usually, your favorite foods will metabolize faster, while things like meats, fats, and salads will metabolize slower.

So, all you have to do is eat faster-metabolizing foods with slower-metabolizing ones. That way, you have have a more even flow of food entering your system, more stable energy levels, and a loss of fat.

Just listen to the people who've had success with this system and kept the fat off: you'll hear them use the word "combination" a lot.

  • That's what the Food Lovers System teaches you--how to enjoy your favorite foods (cake, name it), in the right combination, so that it gets metabolized at a fat burning rate.

  • And there's no silly counting of calories, either. Counting calories died a long time ago.

  • That's why, for years, the Food Lovers Fat Loss System has enjoyed increasing popularity. It's not some fat, some "diet," or something that you have to cycle.

  • It's not something where you have to starve yourself or drink endless shakes.

  • It's a natural way to enjoy your favorite foods while your body returns to a healthy body weight.

  • If you're willing to learn a few new things, then you can develop some great weight-loss habits in as little as 3 weeks. And after that, you can enjoy a lifetime of fat loss and healthy weight reduction.

...So go ahead! There's a reason why it's called the Food Lovers System: it allows you to enjoy your favorite foods, at home, at work, and in restaurants.

Read on for more details:

Here's What You Get When You Try The Food Lovers Fat Loss System

When you get your trial of the Food Lovers program, you'll get these 9 components:

Component #1: The 21-Day Metabolism Makeover

They say it takes about 21 days to create a new habit, and that's what will happen during your first 21 days of this program. 

But what happens after the 21 days?  Are you afraid that you'll fall back into unhealthy eating habits?  Don't worry, because the second component is...

Component #2: Food Lovers For Life

What good is a fat loss program if you can't stay on it―and keep the fat off―for life?  Well, we've got you covered, because in Food Lovers for Life, you'll learn a complete maintenance program that will help you enjoy the foods you love, and keep the weight off...for life.

Component #3: How To Make A Fat Loss Plate

Yes, you can learn to eat anything you want, and still lose weight.  You can do that when you learn how to make a weight loss plate.  That basically means that you'll learn how to combine the foods that you love with other foods that will help keep your blood sugar level optimal, and help your body burn fat. 

Component # 4: Eating Out Advisor

Have you ever been strictly following a diet plan, and had to miss out on enjoying an evening at the restaurant?

Doesn't that suck?

Well, on the Food Lovers Fat Loss program, you don't have to miss out on your favorite dining dishes.  The Eating Out Advisor shows you how to order a fat loss meal at virtually any type of restaurant.  The 25 most popular fast food chains and restaurants, are listed here. 

Family-style, Italian, Chinese...there's something in here for all restaurant lovers.

Component # 5: The Love to Eat Cookbook

The Food Lovers program is not a diet―at least, not like most other diets.  And because of that, you can enjoy this program to the fullest.  That's why there's The Love to Eat Cookbook, because you can prepare great fat-burning foods your entire family will love. 

And if anyone in your family likes “comfort foods,” no problem...

Component # 6: Classic Comfort Foods Recipe Cards

Why not welcome them to the comfort foods you make?  Or, give them these recipes, and have them make their own fat-burning foods that they'll love. 

It might be hard to break the habit of snacking on comfort foods, so why not just keep that habit?  Yes, continue to snack on comfort foods―just make the comfort foods healthier for you to eat.

Component # 7: Million Meals Menu Planner

If you've been on most diet programs, you know that a lot of them have a very limited, pre-defined range of “authorized” foods.  Yes, you can make meals out of these foods, but after a while, it becomes a case of “the same old” foods, over and over again.

That's not the case with the Food Lovers System. 

The Million Meals Menu Planner will show you that there are thousands of tasty food combinations that you can enjoy.  You can probably go for a long, long time where you have a different dish for each meal, and never run out of ideas for meals you'll love.

And, these are foods you can easily find in any supermarket.  No treasure hunting here!

Component # 8: Snack and Treat Guide

Did you know that snacking between meals is one way you can keep your metabolism high and burn more fat?

Yes, if those snack foods help you to burn fat, you can snack on these tasty treats between meals. 

In the Snack and Treat Guide, you'll learn how to prepare almost 1,000 snacks and over 100 treats.  And yes―these are within the guidelines of the Food Lovers Fat Loss System.

Component # 9: Fat Loss Secrets Day-By-Day Audio Series

What if you had us by your side each day, motivating and teaching you?

That's what it's like with this audio series.  Each day, you'll learn something new that will help you in your efforts to lose weight while enjoying the foods you love. 

Plus, When You Try Food Lovers,

You Get These 2 Great Bonuses:

Bonus #1: Rapid Results Workout DVD

These are a series of 12-minute workouts that will help you blast fat away. 

Bonus #2: 7-Day Sizedown

This is a great way to quickly boost your confidence in this program.  It's basically a tasty program that helps you detox your body.  Don't let that word scare you, because you won't be depriving yourself or have to make the drastic changes that most detox programs call for.

Important Food Lovers Fat Loss System Information

How does it work?

People don't get because of the foods they eat, they get fat because they don't eat those foods in the right ways. They don't know how to eat their favorite foods the way this system teaches them too.

Basically, the system teaches you a way of eating that works with the way your body metabolizes sugar, carbohydrates, and other foods. Cakes, sweets...even wine don't have to make you fat. That's why you're here, and that's why people love this system: it teaches you how to eat in a way that the sugars you eat are metabolized slowly, so that your body doesn't respond in a spiked fashion. The result of this is even energy levels and continual weight loss.

As with any weight loss program, it's always advisable to consult with your doctor.  Since the Food Lovers System doesn't really require anything drastic, your doctor will probably agree with it wholeheartedly, since it's a doctor-recommended program. 

Do you need to exercise on this program?

No, not at the beginning. 

Start with learning how to eat the foods you love.  Then, as you lose fat, you'll have the enthusiasm and energy to do the 12-minute workouts.  Then, your fat loss will accelerate, and soon, that weight will be gone.

Try Food Lovers – Trial Guarantee

To get the Food Lovers Fat Loss System, you just have to make 6 easy payments of $19.99 plus shipping and handling.  The trial period is 8 weeks.  If you try the Food Lovers program and find that you're not satisfied within the trial period, just return it.  When you return it, you'll get a full refund of the purchase price, minus the shipping and handling. 

The 2 free bonuses are yours to keep whether you keep the main program or not.

Let us ask you a question:

Have you ever set a New Yearís resolution to lose weight, but didnít?

Maybe you purchased a weight loss program, but thought that you couldnít do it, or you found it too hard to do.

A lot of other weight loss programs are like that: they force you to do things that are simply unsustainable.

You see, a good fat loss system should be a habit that you can use for life. Thatís why this system isnít really a diet, as diets are more like fads and short-term solutions that donít last.

When you lose weight this way (the real way), youíll enjoy the foods you love (even chocolate and pizza). Youíll eat them in a fat-burning way.

(Thatís one big reason why some people can eat ďjunkĒ and get away with it.)

Thereís a reason why the Food Lovers Fat Loss System has been around for years: In an industry where diets come and go each day, this non-diet system has stood the test of time.

Try The Food Lovers Way of Eating Today

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